Living Made Easy – Inside Out

Many of us are looking for the same things in life:

- To feel good about ourselves
- Enjoy loving relationships
- Have security and well being
- Success – whatever that means to each of us
- Time and energy for work, rest and play
- Peace of mind and ease
- Happiness and joy

However, most of us are too busy working hard, chasing something outside of ourselves to make us feel happy and fulfilled – the right partner, house, car, career, wealth, power etc.  Our focus is on the future and all that it promises, believing our achievements are the answers to our well being, and security.  And that our sense of worth comes from the outside in.

All too often we neglect our health, ignore the quality of our relationships and take life for granted.  Until life presents us with a situation that forces us to review how we are living and ‘wake up’.


If we experience such a situation, and it can be anything that affects us:

- Breakdown of a relationship
- Change of career
- Health Issue
- Impact of the economy on business
- Dissatisfaction with life
- An inability to let go of past experiences
- Desire for doing what we love
- More success without stress
- A healthier balanced lifestyle
- A satisfying loving relationship that lasts
- A sense of well being no matter what happens


It does not matter what is we want or do not want.  What matters is that there is a simple understanding, a major breakthrough in the field of psychology, which is pointing us in the opposite direction to where we have been looking.

Giving us hope by showing us how we are innocently unaware that there is a much easier, simpler and powerful way of living, loving and creating.

This is based on understanding the true nature of thought and how we function psychologically as human beings.  And the Principles that operate through us to create our experience of life – from the inside out.

The Three Principles

There is comfort, humility and compassion in knowing as human beings – we are all using the same 3 Principles  (Mind, Thought and Consciousness) to create our experience of life moment to moment.

And a tremendous amount of inner and outer freedom and joy comes from knowing how we use the gift of thought.  Because it means no person, situation, event or circumstances can make us unhappy or have power or control over us.

As a result we experience a deeper peace of mind, more connection and see our creativity and productivity flow in the ways we could not have imagined.

On a practical level, our awareness of these Principles means less ‘doing’, and more ‘being’ – enabling us to feel happy and more satisfied, regardless of our external circumstances.

Whilst also encouraging us to create quiet space, to appreciate the inner security that comes from hearing our own wisdom guiding and directing us in all aspects of our lives.  Leading us to see our lives transform in ways that we could not have thought possible with our old outside in approach.